What We Believe:

  1. We know that in every community around the world, there exists a small group of uncommon individuals with the passion, dedication and entrepreneurial skills to tackle our most pressing challenges - individuals with the power to transform the world in which we live.
  2. No one goes alone. At UnLtd USA, we exist for a simple reason: to identify these outstanding individuals, equip them with the necessary capital, resources and mentorship they need, then embed them at the center of Austin's most dedicated group of entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists and business leaders committed to accelerating their mission.

UnLtd USA Entrepreneurs are on the Cutting Edge of Social Impact // Join our Community:

Social Innovation Catalyst - $100,000

  • Cohort Sponsor: support 5 - 6 UnLtd USA entrepreneurs to participate in our core, yearlong Venture Support program, providing them with access to Austin's leading network of entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists and business leaders committed to using entrepreneurship to drive social impact
  • Connect Sponsor: we hold ourselves to the same high standard as the entrepreneurs we back and are on a mission to make our work financially sustainable. The UnLtd USA Connect team is an internal consultancy working with philanthropists, family foundations, investors and corporates eager to better understand opportunities in the impact investing space

Venture Forward Sponsor - $50,000

  • Scouting Event Series: sponsor a series of twelve community-based events, showcasing the work of Austin social entrepreneurs and engaging the community to crowd-source connections and solutions to accelerate their work
  • Social Innovation Map Sponsor: sponsor a co-branded network map of the impact investing ecosystem in your city, sector or within your own network

Backers - $25,000

  • Founder Sponsor: sponsor one UnLtd USA entrepreneur to participate in our yearlong, Venture Support program
  • Impact Investing Demo Day Sponsor: sponsor our impact investing demo day, showcasing UnLtd USA entrepreneurs
  • Annual Office Space: sponsor our office as the launchpad for our work: where our entrepreneurs, mentors and investors come together to seed ideas for a better world
  • Scouting Sponsor: join us on our mission to find Austin's undiscovered, most high-potential entrepreneurs starting up. To date our team as identified over 300 entrepreneurs starting up social ventures in Austin, and we're just getting started
  • Team Sponsor: we seek to invest in our team's development second only to our entrepreneurs. Sponsor our team's ability to meet with sector leaders nation-wide, open opportunities for national collaboration and put Austin's emerging social innovation ecosystem on the map

Impact Sponsor - $10,000

  • Founder Retreat: this is the kick-off event for our Venture Support program and sets the stage for a full year of work with our entrepreneurs to accelerate their mission
  • Web & Design Services: help us develop our brand and website to build our web presence, multiply our following and catalyze the impact of our entrepreneurs
  • Taco Sponsor: yes, we're serious. We think faster and smarter when fueled by tacos.