Mapping Social Enterprise in Austin

We’ve heard about the power of social entrepreneurship to solve poverty in developing countries around the world, from clean cookstoves that reduce smoke emissions in India and asset-based financing for smallholder farmers in East Africa. But have you ever wondered what’s going on in your own backyard? We did. When our team arrived in town nine months ago, we knew that Austin was renowned for its growing tech startup scene, but we had a different question: who’s using the power of entrepreneurship to solve our own pressing social and environmental problems?

So we got to work mapping. Inspired by Mexico’s GIIMAP and with the help of the team from Kumu, we’ve mapped out all of the activity we’ve uncovered about social entrepreneurship in Austin. You can see the map here. Startups can quickly be identified by their logos; the grey nodes are the organizations that support those startups: accelerators, coworking spaces, and the like.

But we’re not done! This is a live project that is growing every day, so if you know of a startup in the impact space that’s not listed, give us a shout so we can keep building. Tweet us at @UnLtdUSA. And if you’re interested in hiring someone to build one for your own hometown, let us know that too!