UnLtd USA Applicant Handbook 

On this page

  • Details about the December 4th Selection interviews
    • What to expect
    • Panelist info
    • Timeline
  • Paperwork
    • Proposed use of funds and annual budget template (coming soon)
    • The UnLtd USA investee terms and conditions (coming soon) 
  • Selection Criteria we be use to evaluate fit with UnLtd USA

Final Selection Interviews

What to Expect 

We cannot wait until December 4, and we hope you are excited, too. We have pulled together a group of entrepreneurs and investors that we think you'll be eager to meet. The afternoon will go like this: 

  1. All of the Finalists give a 60-second version of their work
  2. Each Finalist is interviewed twice, each time by 2-3 of our mentors, for 30 minutes
  3. Our panelists gather to share their thoughts, with which we will make final selection decisions

Our goal is to get back to you by the following Friday, Dec 11. 

Our panelists

We are excited about the group of entrepreneurs and investors that you will get to meet on the 4th. Check them out and feel free to connect with them before/after the event: 

Friday's Timeline

We'll have a pretty tight timeline on Friday! Please arrive at 4pm for a 4:15pm start.

  • 4:15 - Quick 60-second run-through while we prep interviewers
  • 4:30 - Introduction of all entrepreneurs
  • 4:45 - Interview 1 (30m then 5m break)
  • 5:20 - Interview 2 (30m)

After that, you all will be free to go--we'll stay behind to hear from our interviewers. 


We would like to have terms and conditions signed with our Cohort 3 Investees before the end of the year. In order to do that, we will need: 

  • A proposed use of funds and one-year budget
  • Terms and Conditions 

We will share templates for the former, and a contract including the latter, with selected Cohort 3 investees. 

How does UnLtd USA select entrepreneurs? 

We make our decision about which entrepreneurs to work with on criteria that we bucket into four categories. Here they are, with a couple of things that tend to trip people up in each: 

  1. Entrepreneur. This is always where we start. For a shortcut to how we think about this, have a look at the three Team domains from John Mullins' Seven Domains framework. 
  2. Impact. Can you articulate a pressing social or environmental problem and a solution that would have a meaningful, measurable impact on it? Often tripped up here are organizations that exist to support or fund nonprofits; we would consider those our partners, rather than as investees. Also, this program is Austin-focused; if your impact and operations aren't here, we may not the best fit for you. 
  3. Enterprise. Does this have a shot at working? Is the revenue model tied tightly to the impact the organization seeks? We don't usually interview folks with ideas but no customer or user validation because of the former; we are wary of buy-one-give-one models because of the latter. 
  4. Trajectory. Are you in early enough stages that our work will make a meaningful difference in your growth? Do you have unreasonable ambition to scale and hypotheses for how to do it? Our program is not a good fit for consulting firms and small businesses. 

Have questions? Let's talk: mark.hand@unltdusa.org.